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Tava böreği (filo pie in a pan)

Spinach and feta börek, made in a pan on the hob in a jiff called tava böreği. I usually get the Turkish filo for making baklava & börek called "Baklavalık böreklik yufka" available in Middle Eastern shops orbeven in world food section of supermarkets. Melis is a good brand that I usually go for.

Here's the recipe;


• 250gr young spinach leaves,

• 50g feta cheese, crumbled

• 50g ricotta cheese

• 1 egg white

• Melted butter for brushing, 50-100gr

• Filo pastry sheets


1. In a bowl, mix spinach, crumbled feta, ricotta, and egg whites. Gently massage to soften the spinach leaves, creating a compact filling.

2. Brush a pan with melted butter, layer it with filo pastry, ensuring ample overhang for later closure. Add 4-5 layers, brushing and turning the pan for overhang on all sides.

3. Place the spinach filling in the pan, spread the evenly and add another layer of filo pastry to cover tge filling. Then close overhangs, on top of the last layer of filo and brush each layer with melted butter.

4. Cook on medium heat until the bottom is golden (approximately 10 minutes).

5. Flip the börek using a plate as a lid, then return it to the pan for another 10 minutes, ensuring a golden bottom.

6. Slide the tava börek onto a plate, and savor the warm and delicious börek!


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