Gökçe’s mum’s Pogaça

My friend and neighbour Gökçe’s mum shared her wonderful hand written recipe book with me. And this was THE recipe she kept taking about the most. So I started cooking from the recipe book with this one. Ingredients 450 gr white bread flour 200 gr Wholemeal bread flour 1 teaspoon instant yeast 1 teaspoon fine sea salt 1 tablespoon sugar 1 egg 1 cup warm milk 1 cup sunflower oil Filling 100 gr feta cheese, crumbled 50 gr mature cheddar, grated 1 egg white Topping 1 egg yolk Sesame seeds Nigella seeds Method 1. In the bowl of a stand mixer mix the flours, sugar, salt and yeast in slow speed. 2. In an other bowl mix the egg, sunflower oil and warm milk. 3. Increase the stand mixer speed to med

Grilled aubergines with tahini barbecue sauce

I made this dish after seeing Honey&co’s instagram post for #veganuary. It’s a recipe from Honey&co couple Sarit Packer & Itamar Srulovich “Honey & co. At Home”. I changed the recipe as I was not ready to use up 250 ml of my precious Belazu tahini for 3 aubergines. I used much less and it turned out still so delicious. I started with heating the oven to 240° fan, then halving the aubergines and cutting deep slashes in their flesh without piercing their skins, like this. I brushed the cut side of the aubergines generously with olive oil seasoned with salt and pepper. To give you an idea, I used about half a cup of olive oil for 3 aubergines. Roasted the aubergines in the top shelf of the oven

Sunshine eggs for breakfast #mondaymotiv
White leaven sourdough bread going in th
3 coloured cookies, made last weekend fr
birthday cake
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