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7 Mehmet: Stories, Products, and Recipes

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending a delightful supper club to celebrate the launch of this enchanting cookbook. Supper clubs for book launches are always a treat, offering a sneak peek into the author’s favorite dishes from the book and the artistry behind their preparation and presentation.

The journey through ‘7 Mehmet’ book begins with captivating stories dating back to 1930s, followed by a rich exploration of Antalya’s local ingredients and products. The final section unveils a treasure trove of recipes, some with a history as ancient as the green bean stew in olive oil, served to Atatürk during his visit to Antalya in 1935.

These recipes remain true to their roots, celebrating local ingredients and occasionally, large batches reminiscent of the restaurant’s heritage. For those adventurous enough to try them with substitutes, a dash of creativity and a touch of math are required when adapting them to standard home kitchens far from Antalya.

Once you’ve mastered these challenges, you’ll discover the joy of creating dishes that are not only delicious but also waste-conscious. Take, for example, the ‘cigve’ made from courgette blossoms, leaves, and courgettes – an ingenious way to utilize every part of the plant.

My personal favorites from the book are the rice recipes, each a delightful exploration of flavors. I’ve savored the walnut and fig rice at the supper club, indulged in the bergamot, pineapple, and almond rice at ‘Cradle of Food,’ and relished the sundried tomato and oxtail rice right at home.

You can find this fantastic cookbook in sale at ‘The Counter’ on Goulborne Road in London. Why not treat yourself to some delectable Turkish dishes and cocktails while you’re t


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