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Chicken Schnitzel and Coleslaw

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It was my 6-year-old daughter's turn to cook on Sunday evening. First we openned up our Bbc Good Food magazine 25th Birthday issue and she chose the chicken schnitzel with coleslaw . Link to the recipe here.

We then made a shopping list together which she has carefully written down on a piece of paper. We went to the supermaket and got a few bits we were missing on the ingredients.

She started with bashing the chickens and I chopped the cabbage and spring onions in the meantime.

Then she tore the bread in to pieces and put them in the food processer. Then she whizzed for quite a long while to ensure that the bread crumps did not have any big bits in it. Whizzing the food processor was her favorite part.

She peeled the carrots using a vegetable peeler which she is very good at using now. Then I set up 3 bowls for her.

We put the flour in one bowl, she cracked eggs in the second bowl and the bread crupms went in to the last bowl. I grated parmesan cheese on the last bowl that has breadcrumps in it.

Then she took a piece of chiken put it in flour and covered all of it with flour. After that chicken went in to the egg bath and then lastly to the breadcrump bowl. All done nicely without my help at all.

Then I took over the chickens and fried them in the pan.

While the chickens were frying I grated the carrots and apples. And added yogurt. As she is not fond of the cabbage and onions we took part of the carrot, apple and yogurt mix in a bowl for her and mixed the spring onions, cabbge and mustard with the rest of the carrot and apple for mummy and daddy.

She was so happy with the results decided that we should have chicken schnitzel more often.

I was proud of my little girl when I was eating the leftovers for lunch.

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