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Aubergine and courgette pahi

This is great when you have a cold coming on and feel the urge to eat hottest food. 

But personally I prefer the aubergines and courgettes fried without the spices that’s the Turkish in me, need to ve able to taste the vegetables on their own not covered with all the spice. 

Recipe is from Plenty More, but also available online on Guardian website here.

I used about 8 baby aubergines and 15 baby courgettes all quartered into long strips. 

I made a flat bread which is basically 1 cup

of wholemeal bread flour and salt mixed with 1/2 cup of cold water. 

Knead it until the dough comes together and elastic.

Divide into 4 and using a rolling pin make each into a 15-20cm disc same size as the pan.

Cook each disc in a hot pan on 3-4 minutes each side until it has changed colour and cooked.

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