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Chocolate coconut cake doughnuts recipe by Tanya Gulati

photo 3.JPG

These lovely chocolate coconut cake douhnuts have taken our love of coconut to an other level.

They went down a treat on a cold Sunday afternoon spent at home, decluttering.

They are lovely, light, moist and easy to make. I haven't put much sugar in the icing hence the colour of the icing is not as white as the original recipe. Next time I will add cocoa powder to the icing to have a more attractive colouring.

I also used light brown demerara sugar which lends the cake complexity and depth with the warm caramel notes. However next time I will reduce the amount of sugar in the cake as the icing gives the cake extra sweet kick.

While making these I had a chance to test new doughnut tin as well and I am very pleased with the results. Will be making more of the doughnut cakes in future; my daughter may get some doughnut cakes on her birthday party menu.

photo 1.JPG

I guess my tin was a bit small to the one Tanya used, I did manage to get 12 doughnuts using the same ingredients, which is better as we all get to eat more this way.

photo 2.JPG

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