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Homemade Pesto for the cheese and pesto swirls

I made these cheese and pesto swirls sometime ago and they were an instant hit.  

I have recently won a jar of Belazu Smokey Semi dried tomatoes  on a give away on Belazu website and that was the perfect excuse to make these again. 

Recipe for the swirls is on bbcgoodfood website, there is a link here

This time I made my pesto as well, here is the recipe for it. I used half of the pesto for the buns amd the rest will go into salads or pasta. 


60 gr basil leaves picked

90 gr parmesan cheese coursely grated

90 gr pinenuts 

2 cloves og garlic

200ml olive oil


1. Blitz the first four ingredients in the food processor for 1 minute.

2. Start adding the olive oil to the processor and pulse at the same time until all olive oil is incorporated.

3. Put it in a clean jar and add olive oil to the top of the pesto until all the surface is covered. 

Store in the fridge. Keeps well in the fridge for a week and in the freezer for 6 months.

Also if you make the buns ensure that tomatoes are well drained. This is to avoid ending up with too much oil.

I still put a parchment sheet on the tray and once buns come out of the oven I drain the oil that’s come out of the buns while baking. I do this simply by tipping the tray slightly and draining the oil to a bowl while buns are still on the tray. 

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