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Weekly Menu Plans

Hello, it's been a while since my last post.

Recently I visited my nutritional therapist and got help to set my nutritional goals going forward and start menu planning for a healthier diet and lifestyle. My Goals 1. Quit processed sugar This is the difficult one, but I did it for 4 whole months before so it is something I can do. 2. Aim to have 7 servings of vegetable and 2 servings of fruit everyday. 3. Aim to have 3 oily fish such as salmon, sardines or mackerel every week. 4. Aim to have a protein source with every meal and snack. 5. Exercise more

Cycle if not walk 10,000 steps everyday. My Plan I will be choosing a set of cook books to build a weekly menu and try to achieve my goals. Here is a list of books I chose for the first week; 1. Oklava - my favorite book nowadays 2. Plenty More - because I would like my vegetables to be delicious and interesting. 3. Holford books - because I can find healthy and low GI recipes in these books especially for breakfast and snacks. 4. BBC Good food magazine February 2017 issue.

And this is the menu that I came up with; 

How did it go? I followed the plan quite well except one evening when we decided to eat out. I skipped some of the dishes because we had leftovers from the day before. I decided not to shop for the whole week and it was a good decision as I did not cook some of the dishes. I cycled 3 days a week and did 10,000 steps for the rest of the week.

Dishes I have cooked from Oklava panfried mackerel and rump steak tantuni were the highlights of the week. I will definitely be cooking these and more from Oklava in the coming weeks. What's next? I will be watching how much vegetables we have and try to have more everyday. I will be sharing the plans weekly. Next week I will be posting a new menu from a different set of books. 

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