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Jack Monroe's Cauliflower pasanda

I came across Jack Monroe couple of months ago when I read this article. I loved her outlook of being yourself and after cheking her blog I was impressed by her story, personality and message.

Yesterday I tried her Cauliflower Pasanda recipe. I loved it but my husband is not very fond of creamy curries and my 6-year-old daugheter who had curry for lunch at school was more interested in the naan bread I made with the curry and the chopped vegetables she had in her plate.

However my collegues in the office kept telling me that they were drooling over the photos I put on facebook so I may be helding up a all-you-can-eat charity with this curry.

I made home made naan bread from Anjum Anand recipe here and raita and all was done just over an hour.

To get everything ready as quickly as possible, I first put the cauliflower in the oven then the onions to fry with the spices.

Then I started with the bread dough while onions were frying for 15 minutes. Left the bread to rest until I got the cauliflower out of the oven and put it in the creamy sauce to simmer.

While the cauliflower was simmering I shaped the naan breads and put them under the grill.

And while the naan breads where cooking under the grill and the cauliflower still simmering away I chooped cucumbers and mint leaves, chilli and mixed with greek yogurt to make the raita.

Couple of notes on the recipes; cauliflowers were not as soft as we are used to and they simmered in the cream for another 15-20 minutes until they were done.

Naan bread, after couple of minutes under the grill they were strating to char on the upper side but still not cooked under, so had to turn them over and keep for another minute under the grill.

I really like the roasted cauliflowers, no nasty smell of the boiled cauliflower in the kitchen. I will be trying roasting cauliflowers instead of boiling/steaming next time when I make my usualy Turskish cauliflower dishes.

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