Chocolate coconut cake doughnuts recipe by Tanya Gulati

These lovely chocolate coconut cake douhnuts have taken our love of coconut to an other level. They went down a treat on a cold Sunday afternoon spent at home, decluttering. They are lovely, light, moist and easy to make. I haven't put much sugar in the icing hence the colour of the icing is not as white as the original recipe. Next time I will add cocoa powder to the icing to have a more attractive colouring. I also used light brown demerara sugar which lends the cake complexity and depth with the warm caramel notes. However next time I will reduce the amount of sugar in the cake as the icing gives the cake extra sweet kick. While making these I had a chance to test new doughnut tin as well

Comfort food - beans cassarole

Lately there is a lot of talk about the comfort food and I have been thinking about what our comfort food is as a family. The other day when we were having dinner that is beans cassarole and rice pilav with pickles it suddenly dawned on me that this is our comfort food. We crave for this if I havened cooked it for a while and as I am a bit advanterous of what I cook at home sometimes we get tired of all the excotic food so many ingredients and flavours all we want is to take a break and eat something as simple as this dish. This food reminds me and my partner of our childhood and the food that our mum's used to cook for us. By the way anything with beans ia afavorite of our daughter, beans c

Aubergines with tomato, onion and garlic

Inspired by the Ottolenghi aubergine recipe yesterday I made this version of Turkish aubergine dish "Imam bayildi". Usually aubergines are fried however for this dish I have baked them in the oven. Ingredients; 10 baby aubergines, peeled and halved lengthwise 3 medium onions, cut in half and sliced 1-2mm thick 700 gr / 7 medium size tomatoes diced 5 garlic gloves sliced 25 gr / a small bunch of parsley 50ml Olive oil 1 teaspoon caster sugar Seasoning Start by putting the oven on the highest setting and lining a baking sheet with greaseproof paper. Peeling and cut the aubergines in half lengthwise if you haven't already done so. Put the olive oil in a bowl big enough to take half of the auber

Antalya - local food

We have been away for a week in Turkey. Spend the weekend in Antalya and I couldn't help but share the local food we had in two restaurants. 1st we had lunch in Sisci Ramazan, which is a very small local restaurant. In the branch we went to almost everybody was ordering the shish kofta made from goats and lamb meat along with piyaz a butterbean dish with onions, tomato, eggs and tahini sauce. Food is served with rocket salad and carrot and red cabbage salad. There is a review of the restaurant in Istanbulfood website. We we had dinner at 7mehmet which we came across from an article by Vedat Milor. It was chosen as the best restaurant in Turkey in the article, unfortunately article is only i

Sunshine eggs for breakfast #mondaymotiv
White leaven sourdough bread going in th
3 coloured cookies, made last weekend fr
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