Lemony leek stew

This is a Turkish dish called "Zeytinyagli pirasa" which means "leeks with olive oil". I used to hate this dish and any leek dish when I was younger, but for some reason I now love leeks and this dish. It is even better in UK as the leeks here are much smaller and tastier than their Turkish cousins. It is a simple dish that is best eaten at room temprature and makes a great packed lunch. You will need; 500 grams Leeks - washed and sliced diagonally about 1-2cm 2 Carrots - sliced diagonally about 1-2cm 1 medium size Onion -diced 50 gr Rice Juice of 1 Lemon 200ml water 70ml olive oil - plus more to serve 1 teaspoon Granulated sugar Seasoning This will serve 4-6 and will be ready in 30 minutes

Homemade granola

Yesterday when I saw the healthy homemade granola parfait recipe on my twitter feed from Food52 I thought this would be a good way to get the best of the jar of coconut oil I have at home. I have never made granola at home before so this was a first. I had to improvise the recipe to use the stuff I had at in the cupboard. First I got a fresh coconut and poke a hole in one of the eyes, give it to my dauhgter with a straw to enjoy the juice. Once the coconut was drained I have tried my best to break it open nicely and managed to break the shell in to two parts in the middle which I passed on to my daughter again to make a coconut bikini and play with it. After taking out of the shell I peeled

Grilled spicy mackerel with new potato salad

Last nights dinner was grilled spicy mackerel with grilled tomato new potato salad. We enjoyed it with a glass of raki followed by melon as our pudding. This will feed 2 with left over salad for packed lunch. You will need; 2 mackarel gutted and cleaned Fish seasoning; 1 teaspoon coriander seeds 1 teaspoon cumin seeds Salt and peper to season 2 table spoon olive oil For the salad; Half a pack of new patotoes - 300 grams Half a pack of dill - 12.5 gr 1 red onion 4 x medium size tomatoes Fresh tyme or oreganon (optional) Salad dressing; 3 table spoons olive oil 1 lemon 1 teaspoon mustard (I used wholegarin mustard but any type of mustard will do) Will be ready in 40 minutes. I started with boi

Zoe Nathan's Bacon Cheddar Muffins

I am a fan of the design blog design*sponge and one of my favorite on there is the "In the ktchen with:" posts. Last week it was Bacon cheddar muffin recipe from the Huckleberry cook book by Zoe Nathan. I made these muffins and listened to Zoe's advise on the blog and I played with the recipe. Didn't use bacon and did not use parmesan cheese as I didn't have any at home. Instead of sour cream I used yogurt which I had at home. These muffins turned out rather unusual as they were sweet and salty at the same time. They are perfect for breakfast. If you are making these, remember to put them to the highest shelf/level on the oven so they can get this beatiful colour! Recipe is here.

Jack Monroe's Cauliflower pasanda

I came across Jack Monroe couple of months ago when I read this article. I loved her outlook of being yourself and after cheking her blog I was impressed by her story, personality and message. Yesterday I tried her Cauliflower Pasanda recipe. I loved it but my husband is not very fond of creamy curries and my 6-year-old daugheter who had curry for lunch at school was more interested in the naan bread I made with the curry and the chopped vegetables she had in her plate. However my collegues in the office kept telling me that they were drooling over the photos I put on facebook so I may be helding up a all-you-can-eat charity with this curry. I made home made naan bread from Anjum Anand recip

"Aubergine with black garlic" and "Tomato roasted lemon salad" from "Plenty more"

We had our friend over for dinner and I had a chance to try two recipes from the new book of Yotam Ottolenghi "Plenty more". I tried "Aubergine with black garlic" and "Tomato roasted lemon salad" from "Plenty more". Both were delicious dishes to share as starter/meze with our traditional drink "Raki". I roasted the aubergines in the oven as the recipe and they turned out the be the best roasted aubergines I have done so far. Lovely golden brown, soft and delicious. I guess I will be roasting the aubergines this way for other dishes as well. I put 3 aubergines, sliced about 1.5 cm thick round slices in a bowl and poured over 50ml of olive oil with seasoning and mixed everything well until aub


I have taken on the #sugarfreeseptember challange and today is my 4th day. I am hoping that it will not be hard for me as I have given up sugar for couple of months in the past year, however that was just by stopping eating desserts or sweets. I didn't realize how much sugar is hidden in the food we buy. This time I will be looking at the labels of everything we buy to make sure there is no added sugar in them too. For example I was buying cooked beetroot yesterday evening and there were 4 different pack out of these three of them had added sugar in it. I went for the organic pack which has no added ingredients, just beets in the pack. If you want to join in, details are on this link.

Sunshine eggs for breakfast #mondaymotiv
White leaven sourdough bread going in th
3 coloured cookies, made last weekend fr
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