Granary bread

These beauties were baking in our oven this morning. It is a easy to follow recipe and the result is delicious everytime I make it. Recipe says ready in 35 miutes but actually it takes longer when you add the time needed for rising. I used half wholemeal bread flour and half white bread flour and honey instead of sugar. I made the dough and left it in the fridge to rise at night. Shaped and baked in the morning. Here is the recipe.

Noodles with shimenji mushrooms

Hello from our household on this cold November evening. On this blog I will be posting photos of what we have been cooking at our place. First one is a Japanese dish we discovered this summer. This is a really quick dish with the unusual "for us" shimenji mushrooms. I've discovered this dish when I was looking for a recipe to cook the "shimeji mushrooms" I got from Sainsbury's. It was loved by everyone at home and we do make this dish now and then. Here is the recipe and a photo.

Sunshine eggs for breakfast #mondaymotiv
White leaven sourdough bread going in th
3 coloured cookies, made last weekend fr
birthday cake
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